Thursday, February 25, 2016

Someone heeeeelllllp! I'm drowning in paperwork!

Whoa. Sam the underwriting guy has unleashed the Kraken. Emails and e-document sign-offs, and requests for documents are now coming fast and furious. Sort-of regretting waking him up. This is made worse by the fact that our agent sent over all of the electronic listing paperwork requests today.

Working on final house prep (spackle/paint touch-ups/cleaning/staging) for pictures (and listing?) on Saturday.

Feeling WAY overwhelmed at the onslaught.

We're somewhere on this sad ship...glub.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Homeside Financial

NVR learning of the day: they use Homeside Financial for 80/15/5 loans. Figured that out when a random electronic-signature consent email from Homeside appeared in my inbox today. I was suspicious because Quicken had called offering a refinance deal on our current home only hours before. A quick Google search had led me to a link between Quicken and Homeside, but I stopped the investigation when Hubs confirmed that the NVR underwriting guy told him to expect to hear from them.
Once I followed the link, low-and-behold, NVR confirmed. So I completed the authorization for electronic document transfer and approval of mortgage materials.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Following up with NVR

I just emailed our NVR rep looking for an update. We met with him back on January 7, and we're wondering what comes next...I thought I had figured out from reading other blogs that we are to expect an official "approval" letter at some point, but we've heard nothing since our meeting. We'll see if/when he responds.

Update: As of 2pm ET 2.19.16 (almost 24 hours), no response.

Update: Heard from our rep on 2.22. Apologetic response and blame toss to underwriting guy.

Underwriting Guy (Sam) is now on the ball and has reached out to Hubs (the paperwork department).

Whoo hoo. Progress!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

What's One More Window?

Tip: don't go back and visit the model over and over again (ha).

We brought my parents to see the model last weekend, and someone asked about the windows in the living room and dining room. Dammit. The grumpy sales rep (not ours) said there are NO windows included on the side of the house. Hubs says maybe we SHOULD add them after all.
I email our SR and she confirmed that there IS a window in the dining room - standard. The Living Room - nope.

Also on this "last minute shopping spree" - white quarter-round. In an ideal world, hardwoods would go down first, then our lovely upgraded baseboards over top. In Ryan's world, there's no telling which order this will happen in, which means quarter round. The models have quarter-round stained to match the floors. We hate this look. We tell SR that wood-stained quarter-round is a deal-breaker for the floors. (I fully realize how absurd this conversation is). She goes to the office, office says we must have quarter-round for the floors to be "properly finished" (big sigh). But for the low-low price of $395, we can get it painted white.

This is painful, but we added the window and upgraded to white quarter-round.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Comprehensive List of Ryan Homes Rome Model Blogs

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ear! 

Thanks to Rome-ing in Richmond and Our New Ryan Home for these lists. I just tried to built on their labor of love. If you are building a Rome and wish to be added to this list, just comment below!

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Dead/ Protected Blogs
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Site Plan

Home Sweet Home!
We can walk to two of our favorite neighborhood bars/restaurants and a local hardware store from the neighborhood. That couldn't be more convenient for new home owners!
We've been curiously reluctant to take the obligatory "stand in front of your lot sign with the SOLD sticker" so far. I think it's a the constant worry about everything working out causing paranoia about bad juju. So, I carry it around in my big stack of Ryan paperwork and just look at it occasionally.
I know, I know. I'm a mess.

Lot premium (non-walkout, flat backyard) $5k

Home Sweet Home

Design Selections

Note - I'm including pricing for all selected options in the hopes that it helps other Ryan builders. Note that this is 2015/2016 pricing in the Philly suburbs. All is of course, subject to availability and change.

Model: Rome Elevation C
Siding: Irish Thistle
Shutters: Black
Door: Copper Red
Stone: Chardonnay Ridge
Trim: White
Roof: Black
**Our development did NOT require that we choose from the pre-approved Ryan "package" color combinations. We're officially rebels!

Exterior selections

A Rome in Irish Thistle! Photo from blogger A Rome of Our Own.
Irish Thistle closer view. Photo from blogger buildingwithryanhomes-parkplace

Trim package 3 ($1995) - Cased door openings, interior mouldings, interior chair rail moulding upgrade, interior crown moulding upgrade, exterior column round
Downstairs flooring: Armstrong Rural Living hand-scraped engineered wood in "Deep Java" (whole first floor except study) - level B upgrade
Whole house brushed nickel upgrade: ($995)

Wall Cabinets: Rushmore painted hazelnut glaze (cream) (level 3 upgrade)
Island Cabinets: Rushmore maple espresso (level 3 upgrade)
Counter-tops: New Caledonia granite (level 1 upgrade) Remove granite backsplash ($0)
Fixtures: Delta Leland brushed nickel faucet upgrade ($200)

Wall and Island cabinets, counter-tops, floors & study carpet
Granite closeup

Powder Room
Flooring: Armstrong Rural Living hand-scraped engineered wood in "Deep Java"
Fixtures: Brushed nickel upgrade

Study (playroom)
Carpet: Upgrade level C - "Favorite Choice Macaroon" ($200)
Pad: Upgrade to level A ($75)

Master Bath
Cabinets: Scottsdale Maple Espresso (level 1 upgrade) ($500)
Counter-tops: Crema Marfil ($595)
Tile: Florentine FL09 Nociolla 10x24 (glossy), floor 12x12 (matte) ($1,995)
Shelf: Travertine light corner shelf/ remove standard soap dish ($95)
Fixtures: Oil rubbed bronze upgrade ($0 - thrown in by SR since only wanted in master bath + already paying for brushed nickel upgrade for house)

Master bath 

Master bath - without the *choke* $1045 listello

Laundry Room
Flooring: standard Armstrong Initiator "Glenville Creme" vinyl (to be tiled later)

Hall (Kid) Bath
Cabinets: standard Fairfield Wheat
Shower Surround: standard semi-gloss white 12x12 squares, no listello
Counter-tops: standard cultured white marble
Flooring: standard Armstrong Initiator "Glenville Creme" vinyl (to be tiled later)
Fixtures: brushed nickel upgrade

2nd (Guest) Bath
Cabinets: standard Fairfield Wheat
Shower Surround: standard semi-gloss white 12x12 squares, no listello
Counter-tops: standard cultured white marble
Flooring: standard Armstrong Initiator "Glenville Creme" vinyl (to be tiled later)
Fixtures: brushed nickel upgrade

Hall & Guest Bath (white tile)

Upstairs Flooring
Carpet: Standard "Baseline Warm Stone"
Pad: Upgrade to mid-level ($895)
Basement Flooring
Carpet: Standard "Baseline Warm Stone"
Pad: Standard

The Timeline

I'll keep this running list updated throughout the process.

12.26.15 - visited the development and Verona model and signed a contract sight unseen for a Rome. Surprise, and Merry Christmas to us!
12.27.15 - visited the Rome model in a development about 20 minutes away. Fell in love. Brought our sales rep the $1,000 deposit
12.27.15 - 1.7.16 - several visits to the models, emails and conversations with our sales rep, checking financial situation, lots of angst and stress about making this work and ensuring this was the right choice.
1.7.16 - NV Mortgage appointment
1.11.16 - Confirmation email from sales rep that we can push our delivery from June to August, and that Ryan will be flexible with the deposit schedule.
1.11.16 - Guardian appointment
1.15.16 - Coleman flooring appointment #1
1.18.16 - Coleman flooring appointment #2
1.21.16 - Meeting with sales rep to review all selections and pricing. Received approval and pricing for custom double oven move.
1.26.16 - Coleman flooring appointment #3
TBD - FINAL DocuSign sign-off of changes
12.27.15 - 5.20.16 - $$$ Deposits $$$
4.12.16 - Received plot plan
4.18.16 - Pre-Construction meeting
4.24.16 - Anticipated groundbreaking delayed due to "custom porch permits held up"

Week 1: Excavation & Footing (May 15-19)
5.10.16 - Found stakes! (Not sure when they were placed)
5.12.16 - Found some "imported" rocks, the egress shell, and some big equipment
5.16.16 - Groundbreaking!
5.17.16 - Work happening in the big hole - footers?
5.19.16 - Forms are installed

Week 2 - 3: Foundation (May 21 - June 5)
5.21.16 - Foundation and basement poured

5.24.16 -  forms removed, basement wrapped, confirmed all windows & custom porch were poured to plan.
5.26.16 - lot backfilled, basement plumbing work
5.27.16 - Basement and garage floors poured, egress well installed
5.30.16 - confirmed no progress, no wood delivery.

Week 3-4: Framing (June 6-13)
6.6.16 - Framing begun
6.7.19 - First floor framed
6.8.16 - Second floor framed
6.9.16 - Windows installed, interior framing, & house wrapped
6.10.16 - Interior framing + roof + morning room door installed
6.11.16 - Interior framing + rest of windows + front door installed
6.13.16 - Roof shingled

Week 5-6:  Mechanicals (June 14-June 25)
6.14.16 - HVAC
6.15.16 - Fireplace roughed in
6.16.16 - HVAC
6.17.16 - HVAC
6.18.16 - HVAC
6.19.16 - HVAC/ plumbing/ electric
6.20.16 - HVAC/ plumbing/ electric
6.21.16 - HVAC/ plumbing/ electric
6.22.16 - Pre-Drywall Meeting
6.23.16 - plumbing/ electric
6.24.16 - plumbing/ electric
6.25.16 - plumbing/ electric

Week 7: (June 27 - July X)
6.27.16 - Framing touch-ups?
6.28.16 -
6.29.16 -
6.30.16 - Insulation?
7.1.16 - Drywall?
7.2.16 - Drywall?
7.3.16 - Drywall?

Week 7: Insulation (July 3-9)
Week 7-8: Drywall (July 10-16)
Week 9: Ceramic/resilient flooring (July 17-23)
Week 10: Paint (July 24-30)
Week 11: Final Trades (July 31- August 6)
Week 12: Carpet/ wood flooring (August 7 - 13)
Week 12 - 13: Third-party inspection (August 14 - 27)
Week 13: Pre-Settlement demonstration (August 28 - September 3)

 9.X.16 - Anticipated delivery/closing

Ryan's Single-Family Build Schedule + estimated actual dates as of April 29