Wednesday, December 28, 2016

7 Weeks In - 20 Project Updates

Wow. What a wild ride it's been. Somehow we've been in our house seven weeks now (6 if you discount the vacation time we were away).

There's been a ton of work, but it doesn't feel like much progress since there isn't much completely "done"!

1. Cable drama is resolved. We continue to hate Comcast with the fire of a thousand suns, but they gave us X? months of free TV service and a gift card for all of the trouble. It was a gesture at least.

2. Garage door opener installed. It's a feat of engineering, and will never fall down. Waiting on additional wire so Hubs can extend the button all the way to the door into the garage. The wire that came with the Chamberlain brand opener wasn't long enough to reach, mostly because the ceiling is so high.

3. We decided on blinds for the entire upstairs for now (plus the study/playroom). Curtains will come in a bit. All but one is installed, but they all still need their extra slats removed.

4. We have new sofas, coffee and end tables, morning room set, master bedroom set, and "big girl" furniture for Munchie. Still need to find accent chairs, a long console for the front hallway, formal living room furniture, a console/desks for the loft, etc. etc. Overwhelming.

5. Area rugs are done and DONE! Thanks to, we found lovely, affordable area rugs for the living room, dining room, morning room, family room, and a 2x22(!) runner for the front hallway.

6. Bathroom fixtures (towel bars, TP holders) have been switched out to match the faucets in each space. Towel rings have been added in all spaces as well.

7. "Fancy" floor vent covers that better blend in with the flooring have been swapped out for the original Ryan standard ones. (Huge difference!)

8. Ceiling fans have been selected and installed in family room, guest bedroom, Munchie's room, and nursery. Our bedroom now has a rough-in awaiting our fan.

9. Front door light fixture has been moved into study (playroom), and a "fancier" fixture has been ordered to replace it at the front door.

10. Morning room light fixture has been selected, but not yet ordered.

11. Pendant lights for over island have been selected and ordered.

12. Kitchen backsplash tile samples are being narrowed down.

13. A water jet system has been installed in the basement (ensures the sump pump never fails).

14. Many light switch plates have been replaced with nicer versions.

15. Night light outlets and USB port outlets have been swapped for standard outlets in many places.

16. Curtain rods for first floor have been selected, but not yet purchased.

17. Curtain selection continues in a painful fashion. I mean, seriously painful. I can't find what's in my head in any store.

18. Storage bins (baby gear, kids clothes, DVD's, CDs, etc.) are stacked and organized in the basement.

19. Moving boxes are 95% unpacked. Mostly random d├ęcor and pictures/wall hangings remain.

20. Housewarming party has been scheduled!

I realize that I'm posting this really late (like 18 weeks in)...I'll try to do better next time!

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  1. Awwww yay! Glad to see you post! Our list of projects is forever long and we really haven't finished any one project yet that allows me to blog about it, haha! Things are going good in our place, minus a few things here and there!!
    Happy New Year Fabs!!!!