Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 13: Making it Pretty

Week 13 - August 8 - 14, 2016

Days 85 - 91

8/8 - text PM to ask for pics of newly installed appliances (crickets - turns out he was on vacay)
8/13 - Door unlocked = surprise visit!
 So, we were sad that we wouldn't get to see any progress this week. But an invite to a friend's pool in the area meant a drive by/ door try. We were met with unexpected success!
We ran through the house really fast, but managed to notice the following changes (stay tuned for pics):
  • Floors uncovered - looks amazing, but now nervous about them getting damaged!
  • Appliances installed - need to check these for accuracy. I thought we were getting "gas on glass", and we saw gas on stainless.
  • Cabinets swapped out for correct finish
  • Laundry-room door swing changed (YAY!)
  • Banister stained
  • 1 coat of paint on front door
  • Interior & exterior door handles installed
  • Yard grading
  • Toilets installed
  • Corrected cabinet and side panels around fridge opening
Still to be done
  • Missing handles on garage door
  • Replace/repair dented garage door (a new find)
  • More coats of paint on the front door
  • Door swing on master bath
  • Drywall repairs noted previously (didn't check on these)
  • Landscaping & hydro seed (sigh)
  • Cleaning (obviously)
  • Final painting
What else....
  • We finally locked in the interest rate on our 80% mortgage (doing an 80/15/5), but are still waiting for the paperwork on the 15% one...
  • We ordered our new king bed and bedroom set (moving up from a queen!)
  • Submitted my company's internet service request form (they pay for our access!)
  • Still need to order a fridge, coffee/side tables for the family room, our daughter's "big girl bed", etc. etc. 
  • Need to call the utilities about switching over
  • Need to call Guardian about final stuff. Not sure what this is for, but we were told to do this at our pre-drywall meeting, and I'm already a week late....oops.
  • Shop for rugs, blinds, curtains, garage door opener, dehumidifier, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. (basically, hemorrhage money).

Our pre-settlement walk-through is scheduled for Monday (8/22) at 2pm.
People. This is really happening!


  1. Congrats on everything! I hope your walk through goes great next week and things are good for you guys!
    Good luck!!!!

  2. Yay!!! Sounds great! I want to see pictures of your walk thru! :)

  3. We are finally underway, foundation is in and they were running the drain pipes Friday!

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