Friday, August 26, 2016

Week 15 continued: Home Inspection and Final Tweaks

Week 15 continued: August 22-28

To summarize this experience: if you are currently reading this and are on the fence about getting a home it. I think the cost is more than worth the potential headache of issues with your biggest investment.

We've been generally very happy with this building experience. NVR/ Homeside paperwork nightmares were by far the greater pain.  I would say the second-hardest part was second and third-guessing your upgrade selections.

We trust our Sales Rep and our PM. They have proven themselves time and time again. This week they really earned their 10's.

Home Inspector came out to see the house on Tuesday afternoon. He found few problems, but those that he found were pretty big.

1. Dryer vented into the attic.
2. Guest bedroom extra bath vented into the attic.
3. Laundry room overflow tub drain ran into the basement with an open ended pipe in the ceiling.
4. Various water and gas pipes required reinforced/additional/some support brackets.
5. Central floor joist (basement ceiling) was cracked.

#1 and #2 are being taken care of today.
#3 apparently this is just how it's done in the Rome - pipe randomly runs into unfinished part of basement.
#4 Done
#5 Engineer inspected and reports it is within tolerance. Apparently only surface cracking, not requiring sistering, etc. (Not so thrilled about this)

The long list of more cosmetic touch-ups found at our walk-through is also being handled as quickly as possible. Because our PM is awesome.
The cabinet face for the master vanity that was mentioned in the report was scratched, I removed it and switched it out with a new drawer face. It is installed
    Garage panel (was dented/scratched) is being delivered to my contractor on Tuesday and they will switch it out on Wednesday as well as installed a slide lock.
    (Ongoing swampy swale issue to right of house). Swale on right of house, the engineer was out and staked out the swale, my excavator will be out Tuesday/Wednesday to regrade and get the grading right, I will have my landscaper re-seed right after.
    Touch up’s at trim around morning room door and garage door. This will be complete today

    Area of concrete at the back corner of the house that needed to get fixed, the contractor will be out Monday, once he is complete I will have my painter come back and re-paint the stoop, back foundation and the trim around the garage door. (On schedule for Tuesday)

    Bow at the bottom of the front window (gunked up with mortar from stone). This is scheduled for today, will have it complete.

    Hearth at fireplace – vendor came out yesterday and replaced the hearth. It no longer squeaks and it has an even reveal at the shoe molding.

    There were some general touch ups throughout the home (casing in family room, casing @ laundry room, nail pop under rail near fire door etc…) These are all complete.

    We had a question about the shower door and whether or not it was scratched or dirty, it was indeed a scratch so I had them come out and switch the door with a new one. This is complete.

    I switched out the island trim so that it is one solid piece instead of 2 pieces with molding in the middle.

    The island outlet has been switched to black.

    All of the nail holes and trim at the kitchen cabinets have been touched up.

    I have a contractor coming end of day today to go through and touch up all of the hardwood. This guy is really good, so it took me a little longer to schedule him.

    There was one hardwood board that needs to be replaced, I talked to Coleman floors and they have the hardwood on order, they’re hoping it is here by Monday and they can switch it out.

    There was a scratched cabinet in the kitchen. We use a guy that can refinish cabinets and make them look brand new, I’m in contact with him now to schedule him to come out, shooting for early next week. There were also 2 cabinets that didn’t soft close properly, these have been fixed.

      These fixes are in addition to the wrong appliances issue we found at our walkthrough. Our SR worked with her bosses to get us the correct ones (one level up) at no additional charge. Still not sure what or how that mix-up happened, but thrilled it will be resolved; hopefully while we're at closing Monday morning!

      As of right now, we plan on going to closing at 11am, then heading to the house to enjoy it for a bit before probably making Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Homegoods, etc. etc. and several Lowes/ HD runs. Fridge delivery is scheduled from between 4-8 Monday night.  Movers, washer/dryer, and new furniture deliveries are scheduled for Tuesday. I'm exhausted and thrilled just thinking about it.

      Also - we received our CD from NVR/Homeside yesterday, and thank the lord, we need to bring about $5k less than estimated to the table. We'll work on the cashier's check or wire transfer this weekend to get that squared away.

      People! This is really happening!


    1. Wow! Lots done and you're almost there! Enjoy the process.

    2. What a whirlwind of fun!!
      Make sure you take a few moments just to enjoy it all and take it all in! Moving, new appliances and furniture, finding places for all the stuff you didn't realize you had..... It's all overwhelming! So make sure to take a moment or two just to admire what all the stress has given you! It's totally worth it :-)

      Hope closing goes well!!