Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 14: Making it Prettier

Week 14 - August 15 - 21, 2016

Days 92 - 98

Not much to report. It was more prettifying all week in preparation for our pre-settlement walk-through on 8/22.
Hubs snuck in (open front door) on 8/18. Pics!
Day 95 Front door view

Day 95 kids bath

Day 95 living room and dining room

Day 95 Dining Room with corrected hallway ceiling drywall.
Day 95 Kitchen View #1
Day 95 Kitchen View #2
Day 95  Kitchen View #3. How awesome is the custom oven move to the empty wall?
Thank you bloggers who originally made that request!
Day 95 Powder Room
Day 95 Family Room with Study (playroom) door to the right.
Day 95 Family Room View #2
Day 95 View from master bedroom into bath and my WIC.
Note the "accidental-on-purpose" door swing change.
Day 95 Master Vanity
Day 95  Master WC - teeny tiny!!
Day 95 Master tub & shower with seat.

Day 95 (Crappy) Landscaping and hydroseed!


  1. Wow!! Your home looks absolutely amazing!! The crown molding in your dining room looks awesome, I wish were we able to get hardwood in the living and dining rooms it really brings it out. I really love your gourmet island with "curve" , the one listed in the options in our community was just long and str8 😕. Everything looks so beautiful I know you all are super excited . Thanks for letting me know about the pictures on my blog. I re-uploaded them so they should be good to go now .

  2. I love my Romes! It is so pretty! You are quite welcome with the double oven custom! It was an interesting journey to get the custom request in our Rome, we had to provide every detail down to the measurements and what it would take to get it installed. Our SR and PM were champs! The blessing is that our footwork allows other Romers to add this feature because they tried to accommodate the double oven but the location near the fridge just does not work. Your kitchen is so pretty and looks similar to ours. We put 13 customs in our Rome. Check out our blog ricknadase.blogspot.com. We sold it to a lucky family. Feel free to join our new blog at ourlangleytwo.blogspot.com Enjoy your new home!