Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 15: Pre-Settlement Walk-Through

Week 15: August 22-28
Days 99 - 105

8.22 (Day 99) was our scheduled pre-settlement walkthrough. We brought our realtor, sick (and loopy) kiddo, and builder friend to be more eyes; which surely overwhelmed our poor Ryan PM.

We started in the kitchen and the PM walked me (and occasionally Hubs as he swung by with random concerns/questions), through the whole warranty and demo spiels, including the prep-talk about the all-important survey. I'll only note the variations from everyone else's walk-through notes I've read on other blogs.
1. No more binder - we got a flash drive that contains all of that info.
2. No 30-day walkthrough, now it's a 3 week critical systems/ issues check by the PM. The explanation is that they want us to start using the Service website/phone for everything.
3. No painting on our own or drywall certificate (valid for 13 months) is voided. I pushed back with what I've been reading elsewhere (you can paint your own but they will only paint back to builder color), but PM was absolute.

Minor issues found all over the place; hopefully most will be easy fixes in this last week before we close. The biggest outstanding concern is that the appliance are wrong. I noticed it in the pics Hubs snuck last week, but of course, couldn't say anything about that until we did a sanctioned walk-through.

I was able to pull up an email from our SR on my phone, and forwarded it to the PM immediately. Her email containing appliances included a "gas on glass" cooktop, hidden control dishwasher, and well-rated double ovens and microwave. Ours may have been the lowest-end stainless options, and quick searches of their model numbers indicated older models with less-than-stellar reviews. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and easily....

We kept a running list of all still-needed fixes that we and the PM both signed off on. Hopefully everything made it on that list...
For peace of mind, we hired an independent home inspector to check out the house the afternoon of 8.24. We'll give our PM that report as well, and I suppose, add any items found to that formally documented punch-list.

On the NVR (Homeside) front, I still haven't seen paperwork for the 15% loan...or anything regarding final closing costs/ amount of check needed at closing.
They did send a paper copy of lock-in verification for the 80% loan on 8/22. I didn't know to expect that, as I thought we had taken care of all of it electronically. Sigh.

It was such a crazy visit we didn't take any new pics (also because nothing has changed much since the sneaky visit a few days prior).

The end is SO close!!


  1. Wow, this pre-settlement meeting seems like it could be nerve racking with trying to make sure everything is in order. That was def a good idea taking another set of eyes because it seems like it's totally on the buyer to spot whatever is not right. You know I was wondering when would be a good time to bring in a private inspector and in reading your blog and others it seems like right around the pre-settlement is a good time so that is when we will plan on having ours come out. You know this was the first time I heard about the " no painting on ur own for 13 months" . Like you stated its typically that they will just paint it back to builder paint when they come out, very interested as to what we will be told in regards to that. Well I hope everything you noticed gets resolved . Almost there !!

  2. You're sooooo close! Hoping all your stuff gets resolved before you get in! It's kind of a pain to get things fixed once you're in the house (our Pre Settlement was the DAY BEFORE we closed).... but we are around 30 days in now and we love it!!
    Good luck on your closing! I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys and you soon get to enjoy your beautiful new home!!